BlackBook 1.1

It saves the user time by remembering the many usernames and passwords.
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Saxe-Point Software

Black Book is the next utility in the Saxe-Point arsenal. It is designed to save the user time by remembering the many usernames and passwords associated with websites, programs, etc. Losing a password can be most unfortunate, but Black Book is your solution. Built on the same foundation as Serial-Box, it allows for fast load time, quick searches, and one less headache to worry about.


- Stores username and password information

- Add and remove data at any time

- Edit data on the fly by double-clicking editable list areas

- Easy search capability for large amounts of data

- Encrypted backup/restore for redundancy (requires password enabled)

- Extremely fast load time

Security Features:

- Incorporates built in encryption and password protection

- No background applications

- No programming which communicates to the internet

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