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Free Free service that helps people gather and communicate using high definition VoIP protocols that provide extremely high voice quality...
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Blabbelon is a free service that helps people gather and communicate using high definition VoIP protocols that provide extremely high voice quality, much better than your regular cellphone.
Blabbelon network makes it easy to connect with your friends and even easier to just hang out. Blabbelon uses push-to-talk, which means that people take turns speaking by pressing the big ‘Talk’ button on the screen. You can talk to 10’s, 100’s, and even 1000’s of users simultaneously, so you can be on Blabbelon with your many friends, family and professional contacts either one-on-one, or in groups - just the way you want it for as long as you want.
You can create your own network of contacts, create your own connections or join those of other users. As well as voice chat, Blabbelon offers instant messaging, a full text and voice message service and much more.
It's so much easier than a conference service, you can have a bunch of friends, all in one chat. Once you're logged in, communicate with your contacts either from the desktop app, iPhone and iPad to any java enabled web browser.
Blabbelon is free to all users and also available for Windows, Mac OS X, iPad as well as any java enabled web browser, so you can use the service without downloading and installing any software if you would prefer.
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Blabbelon is ideal for video game enthusiasts, but also has tools that let the individual user talk with contacts in real-life.
What’s great about Blabbelon is that you never have to “hang up”....keep Blabbelon running, then all you ever have to do is push the button and say “hello.”
Get Connected. Stay Connected. With Blabbelon
The latest version of the Blabbelon desktop client has many new features and a lot more functionality.
With v3 you can now sign up directly from the app to get you started quicker than ever.
There are now more ways to add servers and channels. You can either configure your own, use keys or search for public servers using the directory. Your connections can now be password protected and the User Manager allows you to easily control access of people who use your servers.
Finding friends to expand your network is simpler than ever. Just search the directory to find people you know.
When connected you can change keys, upload media and Tweet directly from your account. The IM chat is more advanced than ever with a built in media viewer, to view images and links posted by other, so you don't have to leave the app an lose your connection.
v3 also sees an upgrade to the messaging service. We now offer voice messaging and and a request password service, where we'll contact the server owner on your behalf.

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