Birds'n'Blocks 2

Birds'n'Blocks 2

Birds'n'Blocks 2 is a freemium physics demolition game.

Birds'n'Blocks 2 is a freemium physics demolition game. Birds of various shapes and colors sit perched atop towers of blocks, and your job is to get the birds onto a specific platform (or platforms) by eliminating blocks with well-timed mouse clicks. There are bouncy blocks as well as blocks with low friction to make things more interesting. However, only 40 levels, unlockable one-by-one, are available for free; players must make in-app purchases to gain access to the other two 40-level packs or to skip a level.

This is one of those games where blatant disregard for the user experience design takes an otherwise decent game mechanic and throttles it with a single, meaty hand. While you're enjoying the tranquil music, a horn blare blows you out of your seat each and every time you fail a level. When a level is failed, there's no option to return to the menu, but the "Buy Skip Level" button is just as large as the "Retry Level" button. What's more, the level assets, from the Angry-Birds-esque avian balls to the Mario-coin sound effect at level completion, indicate a haphazard collection of cheap or stolen game assets and ideas.

The game is certainly playable despite some challenging levels, but the most difficult part about it might be having fun while playing it.

Sam's Protip: Despite consistent physics, there's quite a bit of luck involved that's introduced by the timing of your clicks. So if you don't get it right, then try over and over again. You might want to turn off that horn blast sound though.

Sam Lloyd
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  • Decent level design
  • 40 puzzles available for free


  • Steep difficulty curve for a casual game
  • Incongruous game assets
  • Limited originality
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