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BibleReader is an aid for your studies of the Bible. Above all, BibleReader is a very good book reader. It comes with the King James Version and the American Standard Version of the Bible. The application is also available for iOS. The great thing about this tool is that it can sync all your bookmarks, highlights and notes between platforms, so you can continue studying the Bible while on the go and you don't have to repeat what you did when you were away from the computer.

There is a book store, filled with useful books that deal with the study of the Bible. There are handbooks, notes, and commentaries. The most of them are paid, but there are also free books available.

The interface is very nicely done. You can scroll up and down like in any eBook reader. But as you may know, the Bible is divided into verses. If you click any of the numbers of the verses, an options window will pop up. It is a small window that lets you apply specific actions to that verse. For example, you can highlight it, add a note, or bookmark the selection.

In short, this is a very nice app for those who are studying the Bible. It comes with very useful tools, it gives you access to some additional learning material and it is very easy to use.

José Fernández
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