Bias Peak LE

Bias Peak LE 7.0

Take your audio projects to the next level.
7.0 (See all)

Take your audio projects to the next level. Deliver superior-quality audio without the learning curve. Based upon Peak Pro, the industry standard professional audio tool, Peak LE combines pro-quality recording, precision editing, creative effects processing, podcast publishing, and Red Book CD burning all in one easy-to-use application. For professional-quality audio in your iLife projects, vinyl LP/cassette to iPod transfers, dialog editing, soundtrack sweetening, sound design, or music mastering, Peak LE delivers unparalleled value and results.
Product Highlights Ultra-fast integrated stereo/mono recording, editing, processing, mastering & delivery tool High Definition 24-bit/96 kHz audio recording/playback Uses built in Mac I/O & Core Audio compatible audio hardware CD burning - 100% Red Book compliant Audio CD burning from document or playlist (custom gaps, ISRC, CD-TEXT, PQ editing, DJ style cross-fades and more) Playlist allows easy assembly of regions/tracks Podcasting - publish podcasts directly (.Mac/FTP) QT Movie/DV Clip sync - record and edit audio to video Unlimited Undo/Redo with graphic edit history High quality real-time and offline sample rate conversion Play virtual instruments and capture to disk Auto-Define tracks - cuts vinyl LP, cassette, or other recordings into separate tracks Pencil tool sample editing - repair spikes and short clicks Sample accurate loop creation Trigger live playback of up to 10 documents using Mac keyboard number keys CD Import - import all or portions of CD tracks DSP toolset includes Voiceover Ducking, Change Pitch, Change Duration, Fade In/Out, Normalize, Gain Envelope, Reverse, Convert Sample Rate, Mix, Invert, Reverse Boomerang Read/Write region, loop & reference markers Read/Write MP2, MP3, AAC, AIFF,.WAVE, SDII, QT, JAM, FLAC and more Customize audio document size/color Peak LE 6 incorporates a host of cutting edge DSP technologies developed in-house at BIAS, including USRC (Ultimate Sample Rate Conversion quality range is limited in Peak LE, for highest quality USRC, Peak Pro is recommended)

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