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Helps you rename files in batches, saving you a lot of time and effort.
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Better Rename, also known as A Better Finder Rename or even ABFR, is a utility that can help you rename files in batches, saving you a lot of time and effort. The program has an easy-to-use interface with two main panels. One of them lets you conform to a renaming pattern while the other shows the current names of the selected files side by side with a preview of what the names would be when you apply the changes.

The workflow of the program is quite simple. First, you should select the group of files you want to rename, which can be done even by dragging and dropping them onto its window. Second, it is possible to create a renaming pattern, which is generally a mixture of categories and actions. The tool supports various categories, such as text, character, conversions, sequence numbers, tags, and truncation. You can select, for example, the Sequence Number category and associate it with an action that creates a sequence number list. For each combination of category and action, there are many other options that allow you to conform practically every file name you can conceive. Next, it is possible to preview the future names of your files before proceeding to actually rename them. Unfortunately, there are multiple claims about the program not having an undo function, though.

All in all, the program can become an essential tool for people who need to work with long lists of files. For instance, it can help network administrators arrange files with more meaningful names. Likewise, photographers can benefit from a better organization of their pictures for the program allows using the EXIF data as part of the file names. In a similar way, if you have a large music collection, you can use the songs’ tags to rename them. The product is shareware and can be tried at no cost. However, its price seems somewhat high for a utility of this type.

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  • Allows conforming practically any file renaming pattern
  • Uses EXIF and metadata for renaming
  • Allows previewing the future names
  • Supports multiple picture and audio formats for renaming


  • Does not allow undoing the changes



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