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Battle Nations Battle Nations is an epic and addictive combat strategy game filled with exciting adventures and lovable characters.
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Battle Nations is a freemium city simulator and strategic combat game. It distinguishes itself from the city sim herd with a mission-dependent narrative, complete with animated cutscenes.
Although it has been described by users as "FarmVille for guys", Battle Nations is really two interlocking games in one. One part is the FarmVille clone, in which resources are gathered, buildings are erected, and products are manufactured, all under the auspices of real-life time and/or potentially infinite in-app purchases. Tongue-in-cheek humor ("sun-dried crumpets" are a bakery staple) adds character to the building-up process, but this part of the experience is still unquestionably derivative and purchase-oriented.

The second part is more innovative, and arguably what keeps players coming back. A variety of warfaring troops and vehicles can be manufactured, none of which normally contribute directly to mission completion or the resource count. Nonetheless, they are essential for every battle a player conducts against computer or player opponents. In these turn-based battles of attrition, troops are arranged into a formation and then pitted against each other until either one side is annhiliated or the player retreats (not an option in PvP!) Some higher-powered units cost premium currency, bringing the freemium aspect to this part of the game as well.

Sam Lloyd
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  • Humorous characters and extensive narrative
  • No blood and gore, just explosions
  • Multitude of units and buildings to choose from


  • Premium currency is pervasive, even needed to complete missions, and makes PvP playing field uneven
  • Need to integrate settlement-building into combat plans can be tedious
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