Backup Disabler 1.3

Free Sync data with the backups turned off and re-enable them.
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Sync your iPhone and iPod touch data without the need to wait for the backups. Tweak a hidden iTunes parameter and turn off syncing or restore the functionality. Prevent unintentional overwriting or corruption by locking your backups folder when backups are disabled.

The balance between backing up that your latest saved game or text messages and waiting an hour for your phone to sync is a delicate one. Now, you can easily sync without waiting for the backups, and just as easily re-enable them whenever you like.
Backup Disabler has not been tested with iTunes 8 or iPhone software 2.1. I highly recommend clearing out old backups through the iTunes preferences, and enabling backups before updating. If you encounter any unusual behavior with Backup Disabler and iTunes 8 and/or iPhone 2.1, please let me know.
Backup Disabler works by setting a hidden iTunes preference to turn off syncing.
Now, in version 1.3, Backup Disabler will also lock your backups folder when you disable backups, by removing its write permissions. This prevents accidental overwriting or corruption. The folder it automatically unlocked when backups are enabled.
Backup Disabler 2 is coming! In addition to one-button control over backups, I plan to add an archive and load feature. This will enable you to preserve your backups safely wherever you desire. Each backup will also be tagged with metadata such as date and time of the backup, what device it is from (useful if you have more than one for development), the software version, etc.



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