Backup Buddy 2.15

Create backup copies of data on Mac machines.
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Backup any sensitive information on your Mac. Select the files and folders for copy creation and generate the protected duplicates for storage and future use. The utility monitors the data and features and updates scheduler for automatically backing up the new elements only.

Backup Buddy is a small backup application focused on simplicity and ease of use. It bridges the gap between Apple's Time Machine and complex full-featured backup solutions which have dozens of settings.
Just like Time Machine, Backup Buddy will create a chronological archive of your data, each time updating only the changes. But unlike Time Machine, in Backup Buddy you can control exactly what will be backed up as well as when and where the backup will occur. Also you can add multiple backups, each with a different destination.
You can also choose to automatically place your backup data inside a disk image file, which can be very useful in situations where you want to store your data on a network volume that is not Mac-formatted (an SMB server of example).
Some of the key features of backup Buddy are:
- Designed to be simple. No complicated settings; we make all the hard decisions for you.
- Gives you full control over the really important stuff: choosing what you want to backup, where you want to save your backup, and when you want the backup to occur.
- Creates chronological backups by using hard links to save disk space, just like Apple's Time Machine.
- Can save your data inside a disk image, making it easier to safely store your data on non-Mac network volumes.



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