Backblaze 7.0

Immediately back up all of your Mac data to Cloud.
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Backblaze is a program that comes as an alternative to using Mac's Time Machine or other backup services to make a copy of your local data to the Cloud. The utility might prove to be of good use to people who often forget to back up their important files and helps them minimize the work they put into saving copies of their documents for preventing data loss.

This tool can be accessed from Mac's System Preferences or from your Menu Bar. It can back up all of your Mac data except your operating system, temporary files, and installed programs. You just need to be connected to the Internet and Backblaze will back up your data, without slowing down the performance of your Mac like other Cloud backup tools do.

Furthermore, you can configure the utility to back up files at a certain time during the day, exclude data from the copy process, etc.

Sadly, two things are still missing from this program. For starters, it could use a built-in help manual which might come in handy to people who are new with this type of Mac utilities. Another feature that might prove to be of good use would be the smartphone support. For example, it would be great if you could use Backblaze to back up your pictures to your smartphone. Other Cloud backup tools designed for Mac provide you with this feature.

All in all, Backblaze is a great tool for backing up your Mac data to the Cloud. It works 100%, provides you with cheap monthly rates, and offers you many useful advantages.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Uses minimum CPU resources while backing up your data
  • Provides you with scheduling options
  • Encrypts backed up data
  • Lets you restore multiple versions up to 30 days


  • Could use a built-in guide
  • Doesn't offer smartphone support
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