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Haven't had to use the restore part of the app yet, which of course is the most important. But so far it works well. You can pause it, which is very helpful; in my case, I must pause it to watch online TV or do other high-bandwidth activities, because otherwise it causes everything else to stall. I'm sure it's a limitation of my ISP. The process of selecting what gets backed up and what doesn't is very easy; the defaults are quite good, but be aware of that external hard drives are not included by default.

Be aware that it can take a long time to complete the initial backup. I've been using this application for months, and it is still doing the initial backup. That is largely dependent on your upload speed. I started out with 438 GB to back up, and now I have about 213 GB remaining.

I give this app a 5-star rating, with the caveat that I haven't tried to restore anything that is backed up.

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