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Aydox is a brand new game concept that combines strategy, anticipation and interactivity. Numbers come fast and furious in this brain teaser! Play against the machine or an opponent, as you become a master in mental arithmetic while having fun. Click "...More" to learn why you should download this App today!
You're playing a game with your cousin and he's pretty good at it. All afternoon, the two of you have been enjoying a new brain teaser you found that's specifically designed for your iPad. The darn game is so addictive!
Right now, you're sliding your balls over the game board, sure that you've got the ideal mathematical operation that will win you the game. You've already anticipated what your cousin will do in his next move and you're sure this will cause him to make a mistake and increase his score, while yours goes down. Are you right?
Aydox is a unique new game concept that'll not only engage you in hours of interactive fun but also challenge and improve the way you work with numbers. This is a mental arithmetic booster and skill tester that is suitable for all levels and ages.
Like golf, the goal of Aydox is to get the lowest score you can. You'll be given a set number and every successful turn reduces your score. That part's simple to understand, right? All you have to do is use your best strategy and brain power. Then your score will be reduced by the total of your equation.
The numbers fly fast and furious in this game. Look at the board and your numbers then use your finger to slide numbered balls into position to form a math equation. Aydox is not hard to play and it speeds up your mathematical mind. Yes, you really can have fun while training your brain and learning.
Strategy plays a big part in winning a game of Aydox. Carefully choose your numbers. You want to try to anticipate what the computer or your opponent will do next and you could encourage your opponent to make a mistake and thereby reduce your score even further!
This is an exciting game that appeals to all ages. It's even good for kids to practice their arithmetic skills and reinforce their math lessons.
Check out some of the features you get in Aydox:
- Beautiful Zen design and feel
- Original theme music
- Developed specifically for iPad
- Simple and interactive game rules
- Play Classic or Casual game option
- Play against the machine or another player
- Three difficulty levels
- Built-in help option
- Automatic game backup
- Suitable for all ages, including children
- Helps increase math learning and speed
- Available in 6 different languages

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