AutoResizer 1.0

AutoResizer allows you to resize in batch mode your entire image collection.
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AutoResizer is a free Mac application that, as its name clearly states, allows you to quickly resize in batch mode any photos you might have stored on your system. This simple tool can prove to be quite useful if you have multiple pictures that you want to load on various devices that only support certain resolutions (image sizes), for example.

After launching the AutoResizer, you will be greeted by a simple and friendly interface from where you can provide the source and destination folders and select one of the available resize modes. You can choose to keep the original size (it can be useful if combined with the image conversion feature), resize the images to a new width or height (and proportionally scale them) or you can set to proportionally fit within an enclosing rectangle.

As mentioned above, the AutoResizer also comes with a simple image conversion feature. This small application allows you to select the format of your output, resize and save all of your image files to JPG, TIFF or PNG formats. Furthermore, you can even add any desired prefix and suffix to the file names in a simple manner.

All in all, the AutoResizer is a lightweight piece of software that is worth trying if your need to resize your entire photo collection (in batch mode) and convert your image files to JPG, TIFF or PNG formats.

Tyler Vidd
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  • Supports batch processing
  • Very easy to use
  • Small size
  • Low system requirements


  • Lack of settings and customizations
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