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Concepts 2D is a powerful drafting and technical illustration tool.
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Concepts 2D is a powerful yet easy to use design, drafting and technical illustration tool. Concepts 2D has a comprehensive set of drafting and annotation tools making it the perfect choice for producing anything from simple sketches to fully dimensioned, standards compliant, production ready drawings.Concepts 2D supports a wealth of 2D curve creation and editing tools. Creation tools include numerous methods for constructing points, lines, splines, arcs, circles, ellipses, and rho valued conics. Editing tools exist for changing parameter values of curves, localized and global edits using transformations such translating, rotating, and scaling. Additional utilities are available for filleting, filling, smoothing, chamfering, trimming, breaking, elevating, and extending. Concepts 2D is one of the industry's first 2D drafting tool that is capable of assimilating 3D data in a meaningful manner. Concepts 2D can automatically create precise wireframe and hidden line drawings from any 3D component or assembly, including direct support of CATIA v4 and PRO/E Wildfire parts and assemblies. This unique functionality almost entirely eliminates the laborious and time consuming task of generating production ready drawings manually. Our drawing tools will not only create accurate 2D drawing views from 3D imported parts but provides support for the creation of auxiliary, detail, and section views.

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