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Free AudioCapture is an audio recording application with customizable input.
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Kandalu Software Ltd.
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AudioCapture is a very basic audio recording application with customizable input. It can only output to a non-customizable MOV file - not exactly the audio standard. While attractive, the user interface is not intuitive - prior to recording, one must press a button with a green down arrow to create a recording setting for the input. Only then can one press the record button, at which time a prompt appears for the location to save the file. One can pause and resume recording before ending it with the "Stop" button - this bit is straightforward at least.

Irritatingly, the program does not automatically save your settings, necessitating you to either save them in a file somewhere and load them up at your next use, or start again from scratch. At least that save option is available, because otherwise the extensive customizability of input would lose half its usefulness. Unless you have installed system audio recording software such as Soundflower, only the built-in audio of your microphone will be available. Of course, if you installed Soundflower at some point, it was probably to use a superior sound recording app, which you might want to use instead of this one.

Note that my three-star rating is contingent upon the app's current price of $0. If this price were to go up at all, my rating would certainly go down to two stars.

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  • Input can be thoroughly customized
  • Pausing while recording supported


  • Can only save as a MOV file
  • No editing capabilities
  • Strange interface
  • Does not automatically preserve settings



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