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Create audiobooks by joining hundreds of music tracks into a few ones.
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Transform your CDs and audio files into audiobooks to play on iPhone, iPod or iPad. Merge your sound files and tweak quality control tools. Join hundreds of music tracks into a few ones. Provides the enhanced chapter stops feature to group audio files into chapters with personalized titles and artwork.

Audiobook Builder certainly has a self-explicable name for this product is intended to create audiobooks that you can listen on other devices. The tool has a quite straightforward interface, which, in a wizard style, takes you through the steps of loading the desired artwork and audio files. Luckily, you can easily identify your audiobook with such data as title, author and genre.

The tool supports importing audio from not only standard files but also by adding tracks from iTunes or audio CDs. In this regard, the whole thing is as easy as dragging and dropping the elements onto the program’s window. Then, it allows you to divide the files into chapters, which is an advantage when you are playing an audiobook as it lets you jump to the desired section quite easily. Besides, you can use different pieces of artwork to identify the created chapter or even give it a descriptive name.

Moreover, the tool lets join files even if they have different formats because it can reencode them automatically. However, importing files with the same format and bitrate is an advantage. In such a case, reencoding will not be necessary, and consequently, the audiobook will be created almost instantly. Finally, there is also the possibility of adjusting the quality to your preferences. For such purpose, there are luckily various presets to choose from, which does not mean that you cannot use a completely personalized setting instead.

All in all, Audiobook Builder is a simple and unsophisticated audio tool, which can come in quite handy at times, though. One of its advantages is that it perfectly integrates with iTunes. The product is shareware, so you can try it at no cost. Yet, you should also know that it will not let you produce more than 20 minutes of audio.

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  • Supports importing audio from various sources
  • Perfectly integrates with iTunes
  • Allows dividing audiobooks into chapters
  • Allows illustrating chapters with artwork
  • Supports identifying audiobooks with metadata
  • Adjustable quality


  • The trial version has a restriction in the length of the audiobook created


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