ArtOptimizer 3.1

Workflow-automation solution for Adobe Illustrator...

ArtOptimizer is a workflow-automation solution for Adobe Illustrator, which reduces the size of image links by eliminating excess image data and performs essential image adjustments. ArtOptimizer reduces the size of Illustrator links whose effective resolution is higher than user-defined target resolution.
ArtOptimizer will open images in Adobe Photoshop, automatically reduce their resolution, and scale the images according to their dimensions in Illustrator document. The software will then reimport the images into Illustrator at 100% in their precise position. Key features Reduce link size by eliminating excess image data Convert image colors Apply sharpening Merge layers and delete hidden ones Run Photoshop Actions on each image Optimize image copies leaving originals untouched
ArtOptimizer will help you save valuable storage space, time and reduce overall production costs: Save gigabytes of disk space Accelerate document output to printer and PDF Save endless hours - and even days - of optimizing images manually Save time transferring jobs to outside sources Cut costs through faster processing.
Zevrix also makes LinkOptimizer, a similar tool to automate image link optimization for Adobe InDesign.

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