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Art Galleries is a one-stop resource for art lovers and students of art history. Browse
high resolution images from over 100 artists on your Mac with full zoom and pan
capability that allows you to focus in on details or zoom out for the complete view.
Save/Export images as is or edit using the built in easy photo editor to change colors, constrast, brightness or make black and white or sepia.
Each entry includes a built-in Wikipedia article about the artist with no online connection required to use.
Brings your favorite artists right to your computer. Some of the artists included:
* Van Gogh
* Rembrandt
* Leonardo da Vinci
* Monet
* Caravaggio
* Picasso
* Jonathan Singleton Copley
* Vermeer
* Matisse
* Michelangelo
* Gaugin
* Rodin
* Raphael
* Seurat
* Manet
* van Eyck
* Zubaran
* Renoir
* Salvador Dali
* Lehmbruck
* Joseph Wright of Derby
* and more!
Art Galleries is great just for browsing or for studying Art History. Includes access
to Wikipedia articles on each artist without ever leaving the app:
* Study for art history exams or just learn more about art-artist name, title of the work,
date, and medium provided for each image.
* Built-in - not necessary to leave the app or have an internet connection once downloaded
* Print documents for personal use
* Play slide shows of images
All in one easy-to-use and fast app. Images are built into the app, so once the app is
downloaded no connection is necessary for use.
- Easy to Use
- More than 100 of the most famous artists represented
- Browse hundreds of images in high resolution
- Zoom in and out, pan image, focus on detail using standard iPad pinch and zoom
- Works completely offline-all images built into the app
- Save images
- Print articles
- Play slide shows

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