AROW 1.0

A quick way to organize, resize and position open windows on your Mac OS X.
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Lighten Software Limited

AROW is a quick way to organize open windows on your Mac OS X. You can instantly resize, position, arrange windows, simply by dragging them to the edges of your screen.
Depending on where you drag a window, you can maximize your windows, position them side by side, take up half screen etc., AROW makes reading, organizing, and comparing windows so easy.

You can set keyboard shortcuts to be more productive, and customize the event when clicking on one of the top left buttons, or lets you quickly resize a windows with the smart grid panel.

Extremely easy to use
To arrange and resize windows, all you need to do is two steps:
1 .Drag the title bar of a window to the edge of the screen, when your mouse cursor reach the recognition area, an outline of the expanded window appears.
2. Release the mouse to resize and arrange the window.

Quickly resize a windows with smart panel
Single click on a window, drag to mark the snap areas in the smart panel, your window will be resized and positioned to the relative parts of your screen. It?s a grid that lets you resize and move windows by dragging your mouse across its segments, you can also modify the segments in Preferences.

Customize top left buttons
I know you often use the top left buttons to close, minimize or expand a window, but do you know you can do even more? With AROW, you can customize what happen when you click on on of those buttons, for example, you can expand the window to left half of your screen by clicking on minimize buttons (yellow one) with the right click or your mouse. It?s flexible and turns your mouse into a magic mouse.

To be more productive
Besides the functions above, you can be more productive. You can set keyboard shortcuts to arrange your windows instantly, and show desktop by hiding all open windows into dock. Increase the snapping recognition areas and more. It's the only window management tool you?ll need on Mac OS X.

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