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Arabix Pro Typeset Arabic text in any OS X application, easily and conveniently Arabix Pro is the essential Arabic solution for Mac OS X users. With Arabix Pro, you can import, type, and edit Arabic text in any OS X application, even if it doesn't natively support Arabic! Powerful Arabix Pro's ease of use, one-click import and editing process and compatibility with the largest selection of fonts and legacy text encodings make it the most powerful Arabic text solution on any platform. Fast and Easy Arabix Pro comes with a floating assistant palette that makes entering and editing text a one-click process. Just specify your font type and target application in the Preferences window, and Arabix Pro will automatically switch to your target application and enter your text with a single click! Easy Editing Arabix Pro's most powerful feature is the ability to edit and re-edit text you have already imported into your target application with one click. Instead of having to go back and perform a long editing and import process, just highlight the text you want to edit in your original application and click the "Edit" button on the floating assistant palette. The most flexible Have older applications and want to use the great fonts that came with them? With Arabix Pro, you can not only use the 100 beautiful Arabworx Arabic fonts that are included, but you can just as easily use fonts you have in ArabicXT and Phoenix formats, with all of Arabix Pro's complete editing and one-click import features. You can even edit old documents designed using Kalimat and Phoenix!
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Wrapping: Another powerful feature of Arabix Pro is the ability to properly wrap text in the target application. When using non-reversed fonts in target applications that are not Arabic aware, text that is longer than one line does not get wrapped correctly - the first words end up on the bottom line instead of the last! With Arabix Pro, just click on the 'wrap text' button and specify how long you want your line to be, and your imported text will be properly wrapped! The most compati...



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