App Delete

App Delete 4.3

Uninstalls applications and their associated files from your system.

App Delete lets you uninstall applications and all their associated files from your system. Likewise, it can also detect and remove other components, such as preference panes, plugins, screensavers and widgets. In this respect, App Delete tries to solve the problem of junk data left behind when you send an application to Trash. Although this product is very easy to use, it comes with detailed help documentation.

To remove an unwanted item, you just need to right-click it and choose the remove command from the menu. However, there is an easier method: it is possible to drag the undesired item and drop it onto the App Delete’s window. After doing this, your system is scanned to find possible association with other files. Then, you will get a list of results from which you can decide which items you want to keep or remove. Luckily, no longer desired items are sent to Trash, so it is still possible to recover them in case anything goes wrong.

In addition to the basic feature of deleting applications, App Delete lets you do a few other quite convenient things. For instance, you can protect given applications from accidental deletion. Likewise, it can be set to monitor Trash so that App Delete becomes the compulsory way to remove items. It also gives the option of archiving instead of deleting an application, which has the advantage of recovering the app with all its data should you need it later. And there is another feature, which is for me one of the most important: App Delete can search and remove orphaned files, which include any junk data left behind by apps removed by other means.

All in all, App Delete is an easy way to keep your machine clean by allowing safe removal of no longer wanted applications, preference panes, plugins, etc. However, compared with other products of its type, App Delete may be missing some features, like disabling launch agents and removing installation files. The product is free to try for some time without feature restrictions: an opportunity not to miss!

Pedro Castro
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  • Can find orphaned files
  • Monitors Trash activity
  • Lets you decide what to keep
  • Archives apps for later recovery


  • Cannot disable launch agents
  • Cannot remove installation files
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