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Arbitrary Precision Calculator is an efficient program designed for Mac. This open-source application provides you with a quick way to solve algebra and geometry problems, gives you access to accurate results, and comes in handy whenever you need to make financial calculations.

All you need to do in order to solve an algebra problem is to enter the equation and click the Eval button. The program lets you use various trigonometry functions (sin, cos, etc.) and algebra operations (+, -, etc.), allows you to paste equations from other apps, and convert between dozens of measurement units.

Another advantage is that the application provides you with a separate tool for calculating finances. For example, you can determine the interest rate conversion, discounted notes yield, and many others.

Nonetheless, you can make various types of calculations directly from Mac's default calculator app or your default browser with a simple Google search. Personally, I wouldn't install a third-party tool on my computer for something that I can easily complete in the aforementioned apps.

However, Arbitrary Precision Calculator is freeware, hence, you have nothing to lose if you download and install it on your computer to see how it works.

AG Senior editor
Ashley Griggs
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