Animation-ish Classroom Edition

Animation-ish Classroom Edition 1.2

Animation-ish is an easy-to-use animation software program.
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Animation-ish is an easy-to-use animation software program that inspires creativity and enables children to "show what they know."
Animation-ish includes three levels that provide students from K-12 (and teachers too!) with a fun, rewarding experience that fosters the ability to animate across the curriculum with confidence! It’s a wonderful presentation tool for teachers and students.
- Wiggledoodle-ish provides a simple set of tools to draw, trace, and animate with just three frames. You can also import and trace any graphic. Creative and fun!
- Flipbook-ish includes an infinite number of frames so you can create longer animations that teach or "show what you know."
- Advanced-ish introduces the mover tool, which allows for more complex animations using foregrounds, backgrounds, and movement across the screen.

Main Features:

- Sparks creative thinking and imagination!
- Provides engaging activities that integrate creativity across the curriculum.
- Helps teachers enliven lessons and improve understanding through visual representation.
- Boosts technology literacy skills.
- Supports beginner web-authoring skills and graphic design.

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