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Amberlight 2.1 Features: Added new video formats: .avi, .webm with codecs: H.265, huffYUV...
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Amberlight for Mac is an innovating graphic tool that lets you create outstanding computer-generated images and eye-catching animations with hypnotic visual effects. You are provided with comprehensive filters, modifiers, variations, and unlimited color combinations which you can mix the way you prefer in order to achieve stunning art-like imagery.

The program comes with a modern interface that organizes all functions into clearly-defined panels. However, most part of the window is taken by the preview so you can trace with ease the changes made on canvas and see in real time how the enabled features affect your project. You can either select one of the scene presets provided by the program or start a new project from scratch. You have the ability to set the canvas size, the DPI value, the playback speed, and the background color. Next, you can unleash your creativity by enabling a series of adjustable parameters you can experiment with. It is good to know that the app supports an unlimited number of undo and redo operations that let you go back to a previous editing stage with ease. Therefore, you can determine the number of 'Fields', resize and change the position of the radiating circles, set the frequency and the amplitude levels of the selected wave type, customize the contrast curve, and enable or disable the 'Tint' color and the 'Glow'. Furthermore, the tool provides you with an integrated timeline that lets you control the duration of the animation playback. The color palette satisfies the users' most exigent needs, as it includes a variety of gradients that offer various color combinations.

All the above-mentioned features and other options that wait to be discovered make Amberlight a remarkable digital art generation tool that helps you create multi-layered animations and abstract image-based backgrounds that can be saved with high-quality resolutions.

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  • Stunning art-like imagery
  • Comprehensive and original editing tools
  • Integrated timeline
  • Includes a variety of gradients
  • The results can be saved with high-quality resolutions


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