ALOHA...How Do You Say, In 100 Ways, now ALOHA has audio recordings.

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ALOHA...How Do You Say, In 100 Ways....Now ALOHA has audio recordings so you can hear how the translation sounds. The crew at Lagniappe Applications is excited about meeting people from around the world to gather these recordings.
As always, all recordings are REAL, nothing purchased, nothing virtualized.

This application will amaze your friends, as you will be able to say Hello and Goodbye in 100+ languages from around the world.

Look for the selection with a ☛ that tells you that there is an audio recording for that language. The app screen will open with Hello and you scroll down to the language you want and tap it, and the translation pops up! Press Go Back to select another language.

When you want to say goodbye, press Flip and the screen turns to reveal the Goodbye screen. Again, press the language wanted to translate goodbye. Then press Flip to go back again.

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