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AKVIS Refocus 10.0

Fixes out-of-focus photographs and creates some artistic effects.
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recover sharpness, fix focus, blur image, refocus image, blur edit
AKVIS Refocus is intended to fix out-of-focus problems with your photographs by increasing their sharpness. Moreover, it can be used to create some artistic effects. The program has an intuitive interface, very similar to those of other AKVIS products, which is an absolute advantage if you have used any of them before.

The tool lets you compare the original with the edited image. The side panel deserves a special mention, as it is where most of the user interaction occurs. It allows you to pick the desired mode as well as customize various parameters. Most major operations as importing and exporting files are available from the upper toolbar. The tool is compatible with most picture formats, including RAW files. Besides, it supports batch processing.

AKVIS Refocus comes with four modes: Refocus, Tilt-Shift, Iris Blur, Motion Blur and Radial Blur. In Refocus mode, you can fix the whole picture or just specific details. This way, you can make the desired objects or people stand out from the background. The Tilt-Shift mode gradually blurs the image while leaving the selected region sharp. The Iris Blur mode, in turn, is used to create a shallow depth-of-field effect, using a specific shape. By using motion blur, you can simulate movement for a part or the whole photo. Finally, Radial Blur is the mode you can use to create the effect of making the object look as if it were moving towards or away from the viewer. Similarly, it can give the image a spinning effect.

In general, AKVIS Refocus produces excellent results, which can only be achieved by using the powerful algorithms running “under the hood”. It certainly saves you from purchasing very expensive photographic equipment to obtain similar results. It also makes the whole thing easier because, even if you own the expensive lenses and cameras required, you may not have the necessary skills.

It is a shame, though, that it is not very versatile as its sole purpose is to change the focus in a photograph. In this regard, it does not come with other features, like those that allow restoring old pictures, erasing unwanted objects, changing the original color, adding text, etc.

The product is sold in three different licenses: Home, Home Deluxe and Business. Moreover, it is available both as a standalone program or as a plugin compatible with AliveColors, Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and Corel PaintShop Pro.

Pedro Castro
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  • Four modes
  • Excellent results
  • No need to buy expensive equipment
  • Supports multiple picture formats
  • Available as a standalone app and plugin


  • Can't restore old pictures
  • Can't erase unwanted objects
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