Air Mouse Server 2.6

Free Air Mouse Server is a server app that allows you to remote control your Mac.
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Air Mouse Server is a server app that allows you to remote control your Mac. It isn't an app like VNC or remote desktop, it simply allows you to use your iOS device as a remote control to launch applications, and use the touchscreen of your device as a trackpad. You can also launch a small keyboard on the iOS device that will let you type on your Mac from a distance. Since the connection between Air Mouse Server and the iOS app is done via WiFi, you can use the device everywhere at home where you get a signal. There aren't any line-of-sight problems with this application.

The iOS application that connects to Air Mouse Server is called Mobile Mouse Pro. It is $1.99 and you can purchase it on the App store. Once you have installed both the server and the iOS app, you can start using the touchscreen as a mouse.

I often use this app to control my media player from bed. I do basic things with it, like pausing and increasing or decreasing volume. Or going to the next file in my playlist. However, Air Mouse Server allows you to carry out more advanced operations, like presentations, checking e-mail, and browsing from a distance. In my experience, this app has always worked fine.

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  • Password lock options
  • Virtual keyboard input
  • App list creation for quick interactions


  • May fail to recognize a connected device

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It is a pretty useful program if you do not want to buy a wireless mouse. It was fun to use it.

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