Agendus - Sync with iCal 2.0

Optimize personal data management on your Mac.
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Work with a collection of additional instruments for data synchronization. Select and process iCal calendars and reminders over Wi-Fi. Enhance the work of personal assistant toolsets. Add or remove individual notes while maintaining connections in real time.

This menu bar plugin will enable you to sync iCal calendars and reminders over Wi-Fi with the advanced personal assistant Agendus app for iPhone.
Here's how:
1. Download the Mac and iPhone versions of Agendus.
2. Run Agendus on the Mac to start the menu bar plugin.
3. Click on the menu bar plugin (calendar icon with an "A" at to top right of your screen).
4. Enter a password and select the calendars you wish to sync.
5. Run Agendus on the iPhone and go to Tools > Calendar Sync > Desktop Sync over Wi-Fi.
6. Enter the same password.
7. Select the direction of sync. Synchronize is recommended for most scenarios.
**Note** Wi-Fi sync is only possible with local "On My Computer" calendars in iCal. Agendus for iOS also supports sync with online calendars over the internet connection.

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