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Adium is a popular and, probably, the best instant messaging client for you Mac.
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Ianna It is simple, but does its job right.

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Mariika I prefer to use video chats in most cases, but with Adium I have no possibility for that and it is a pity. But in all other aspects and functions it works quite nicely.

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Gustav Olafsson

Gustav Olafsson As the program review rightly states, it is the best IM client on Mac. To be honest, it's not that great in comparison with its counterparts on Mac, but still, it is quite a mighty thing, if you take into account how bad the other IM clients for this platform are. If you want to hat with your friends, than, most likely, you have almost no alternative to this thing. At least, I haven't heard about the one so far.

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Art Mlo Awesome application, highly recommended!

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Guest My favorite instant messaging client! And now it works with Twitter too!

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