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Share contacts and address book information using a central LDAP directory.
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Want to transfer contact information to a central LDAP server and keep the LDAP directory updated? This is exactly what ABxLDAP does. It is a companion product to Address Book Server as it does not offer all the rich features. However if you want to use LDAP then it will do the trick for you.

The Address Book X LDAP suite provides a set of tools to share contacts and address book information using a central LDAP directory on the network. The use of LDAP allows many other tools such as Thunderbird and Outlook to access the shared contacts. This is the key factor which distinguishes it from other solution. Within the suite are a number of tools which allow the publishing of contact to an LDAP server as well as several client which provide read-access. Mail and Address Book already have support for an LDAP directory and integrate seamlessly with this suite.

Main Features:
- Tansfer contacts from local Address Book to central LDAP directory.
- iSync integration to transfer contact information in the background in real time
- Support for the following schema mappings is available. Minor configuration changes could be required.:
- ABxLDAP Person
- Mozilla / Thunderbird
- InetOrgPerson
- Microsoft Active Directory's Contact
- Support for Groups
- Schema mapping can be extended to support others
- Support for SSL connection
- German, French and Italian localisation
- Support for multiple e-mail addresses / phone number of the same type (home, work, other or mobile)
- Address Book 4 LDAP allows browsing of all LDAP attributes with read-only access

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