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Contact a large number of recipients with customized email messages.
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MaxBulk Mailer is intended to reach large number of people with a single email. The application’s interface is designed to match the workflow, so it is quite unlikely you have any difficulty to use it. Still, you may want to consult its help documentation to exploit the tool to its full potential. Moreover, trying the tool with some of the accompanying examples is always a good idea.

Although there are tabs that allow you to begin entering information without a preconceived order, it is a good idea to follow the suggested sequence. So, the first thing to do would be to create your message. Luckily, it supports not only plain text but also HTML and rich text, which gives you a great deal of freedom as to designing the message exactly as you want it.

The next step requires providing a list of intended recipients. Good news is that you can accompany their email addresses with other relevant information, including first name, last name, company and gender. Similarly, you can add other fields if you need to. It is also convenient that you can create a blacklist to which you can add those recipients who do not want to receive your messages.

After doing this, you need to provide the data required for a successful connection, like SMTP server access and the corresponding authentication. Similarly, you can enter the information about the message sender. Once you have done that, you can preview your message to check if it looks as you expect it.

Other useful features are the possibility to save messages as templates and consult statistics about the messages sent and read. Moreover, you can import a list of recipients from different sources, such as external files, webpages, the clipboard and even remote databases. What is more, it lets you send messages when given conditions are met.

There are a few inconveniences, though. For instance, managing lists is not as intuitive as with other similar tools. In my opinion, it would be better to have a separate list manager.

All in all, MaxBulk Mailer can come in very handy if you need to distribute different types of materials, like leaflets and newsletters. Thus, it can contribute to providing a better customer support and reaching a wider audience. Luckily, although there is no free version, the product can be tried without any cost.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports various formats
  • Allows creating a list of contacts with additional information
  • Supports importing contact lists from other sources


  • Managing lists of contacts is not very intuitive
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