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Installed 4 years ago
VOX Continental V
VOX Continental V - VOX Continental V brings back the classic sound of the VOX Continental 300.
Toontrack Product Manager
Toontrack Product Manager - With this app, you’ll be able to register and install all your Toontrack gear.
Removed 4 years ago
VC5 Preset Updater
VC5 Preset Updater - VC5 Preset Updater is a presets converter for VC4 to VC5 software instruments.
Updated 4 years ago
Logic Pro X
Logic Pro X - Most advanced version of Logic ever.
Dropbox - Automatically back up your data to your Dropbox account.
Removed 4 years ago
Solina V
Solina V - The Solina V app is a venture into classic keyboards.
Updated 4 years ago
EZdrummer - EZdrummer 2 is a drum production application for Mac.
Spark by Jive Software
Spark by Jive Software - Spark is an open source, cross-platform instant messaging client for businesses.
Removed 4 years ago
Matrix-12 V
Matrix-12 V - Matrix 12 V is a professional audio synthesizer for Mac computers.
Updated 4 years ago
Little Snitch
Little Snitch - Set Internet connection permissions for your apps.
Spotify - Streaming music service that gives you on-demand access to millions of songs.
Removed 4 years ago
Analog Lab
Analog Lab - A powerful synthesizer solution with over 5000 classic synthesizer sounds.
Updated 4 years ago
XQuartz - Community supported version of the X11 server for Mac OS X.
Stage-73 V
Stage-73 V - Reproduces the tine-based sound and playing experience of electric pianos.