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Updated 8 years ago
Parallels Desktop
Parallels Desktop - Parallels allows you to run Windows and Mac applications side by side.
Things - Easily keep track of your daily tasks and to-do lists.
Taskit - Taskit is an application that allows you to manage Google Tasks on Mac.
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Removed 8 years ago
Firefox - Quickly browse the web without slowing down your Mac.
Google Chrome
Google Chrome - Explore the web using Google's super-fast browser.
Paint Pad
Paint Pad - Paint app for OS X which is similar to Microsoft Paint.
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Updated 8 years ago
Contacts - A flexible and convenient place to store information for everyone you know.
Path Finder
Path Finder - Browse and manage your file collection with minimum effort.
TeXShop - A straightforward previewer for TeX, a specialized typographic system.
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