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Opens, browses and edits TeX and LaTeX files.
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Gain access to the content of files of multiple formats including standard ones like PDF and more complex variations such as PDFTeX and PDFLaTeX. The viewing mode along with editing capabilities are fully customizable. Options to change the typeset, macros or tags are provided as well.

TexShop is a straightforward previewer and editor for TeX. Due to its support of TeX, this program allows creating complex documents that are readily shareable with others without distorting their appearance. Thanks to this, a document created with this tool will look exactly the same irrespective of the operating system or editor. Such software is very popular among the scientific and academic community, mainly to edit their publications.

The program has a neat and austere interface, a design which in some way matches its purpose and intended users. In this regard, most of the interface is devoted to viewing the document. There is an unobtrusive toolbar on top, from where you can adjust the typeset and the language. Fortunately, there are various templates available so that you do not need to start from scratch. Besides, the tool supports using macros to automate your work.

The preferences are conveniently organized into tabs. You can go there if you need to change the default fonts, set a different type of encoding or switch themes. Likewise, it is possible to set a synchronization method if it is necessary. The program requires a previous installation of Text to work properly. Besides, it is required to specify its path on preferences.

In general, TeXShop allows users to take advantage of a powerful typographic system as TeX to create and share their documents. Therefore, this product is likely to be most appreciated by mathematicians, physicists and other specialists who need to use a lot of symbols and do not want to run the risk of losing them when their documents are reviewed on a different machine.

Pedro Castro
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  • Produces documents that are not distorted when opened on a different machine
  • Neat interface
  • Support of macros
  • A collection of templates


  • Requires providing the path to TeX installation
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