Work with Beats

Time Out
Dejal Systems, LLC
Time Out is a must-have tool for people who often forget to take breaks from their work...
...take breaks from their work. The program lets you ...complete this step before working with Time Out on...
Vitamin-R creates the optimal conditions for your brain to work at its best by structuring your work...
...Time Slice Your Work. Vitamin-R breaks down ...unproductive work patterns and discover the work rhythm...
Focus Booster
Focus Booster Team
Focus Booster is a Mac program that uses Pomodoro technique (uses a timer to break work...
...uses a timer to break work into intervals of time ...you define the preferred work and break intervals...
Healthy Habits
Patrick DeSantis
Healthy Habits is an application that helps you stay active and healthy while working at your computer...
...active and healthy while working at your computer. It ...both the length of work periods and the length...
Minco is a lightweight application for tracking your daily invested work time on your Mac. Features Capturing...
...your Mac. Features Capturing work-times is only a ...and start tracking your work-time. With Addition...
ExcitedPixel L.L.C.
This Mac program is, as its name clearly indicates, a utility that reminds you...
...time for a break from work. The application might come ...until your break from work. I like that the...
Pomodoro One
Rinik Apps
Pomodoro Technique is a method that breaks down the working time into intervals...
...your break or work session. Another important ...handle and configure, works perfectly, and immediately...
Tomato Timer
Jiri Tichy
Tomato Timer is an excellent tool for your task and time management. It helps you to get...
...breaks. After several work periods take a longer ...(5 minutes); every four work periods take a longer...
Health Assistant
Marat Alekperov
Health Assistant is a simple Menu Bar application that tells you when it's...
...for a break from work. The program lets you ...between five work profiles: No Breaks, Work Hard, Normal...
Focus Timer
Focus Timer is a tool designed to help you focus on your tasks. This application allows you...
...to split your work into series of work and break ...your own approach to work.
Eye Break
Oleksii Glukhanyk
Eye Break allows you to customize your work and break sessions time. Main features: - simple and beautifully...
...enforce breaks by locking work with other program ...easily minimized to continue work. - turn sound...
Sync Simple
YoYo Games Ltd.
With its vibrant levels and hypnotic beats, Sync Simple will have you hooked to your high score as you...
...vibrant levels and hypnotic beats, Sync Simple will have...
DMD's Logic Pro 9+Mixing & Mastering 4-Know It All
Digital Music Doctor LLC
This is a pack with 2 applications that allows you to create music. Logic Pro 9...
This is a pack with 2 applications that allows you to create music. Logic Pro 9: These Logic Pro...
Beat Monitor
Cubic Carrot Software.
Beat Monitor is an application that provides real-time and accurate BPM analysis. The tool offers completely automatic...
Beat Monitor is an application ...tool offers completely automatic beats-per-minute detection using...
Radical Drum Design Course For Polyplex
Radical Drum Design Course For Polyplex is a video tutorial app that lets you...
...to harness Polyplex's unpredictable beats and samples, using the...
The Tapper
reFuse Software
The Tapper is a small and simple BPM (beats per minute) counter for Mac. The program gets information about music collection...
...a small and simple BPM (beats per minute) counter for...
DBolical Pty Ltd.
WizardWizard is a challenging and addicting platformer with tight controls...
...pixel graphics with awesome beats. WizardWizard is easy to...
Dammit Distortion
Dammit Distortion is an advanced guitar distortion audio plugin...
...Metallicas black album. Dammit beats all other distortion units...
Tempo Widget
Why the Tempo widget? Any good engineer knows that reverb and delay times should coincide...
...should coincide with the beats per minute of a song ...the time increment that works best for you and...
Increase your abilitiy to read, understand and share any rhythmic pattern.  10 difficulty levels and 4...
...difficulty levels and 4 beat values (quarter note ...possible in one beat : simple meters, triplets...

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