Modify Song Speed

Amazing Slow Downer
free rating
Roni Music
Amazing Slow Downer is a Mac utility designed to help you alter the speed of your songs...
you alter the speed of your songs without changing...need to increase the speed of the resulting
Song Sergeant
LairWare Ltd.
Song Sergeant is a program that comes in handy when dealing with a large collection of iTunes tracks which contains...
playlists of unnecessary songs and reclaim...certain folder of unneeded song copies. To summarize
Network Speed Monitor
Network Speed Monitor is a simple app that lets you monitor network activity...
both upload and download speeds...things that you can modify
Singer Song Reader
free rating
Kenya Nakayama
Singer Song Reader is a Mac utility that comes in handy if you're throwing a karaoke party...
the lyrics for the songs I played in iTunes...listened to 3 different songs, 2
Song deDuper
As music collections grow, so do the duplicate songs. Original albums, soundtracks...
so do the duplicate songs. Original...near duplicates (same song
Stringed 2
Sandra Marisa Paoloni
Stringed 2 allows you to tweak any song speed and pitch. With this application you will be able...
you to tweak any song speed and pitch...from 1/4 of the real speed up to 1.75X. Stringed
MIDI Player - Modify Music
free rating
Music Paradise
MIDI Player - Modify Music allows you to experiment with your MIDI track...
track. Now you can modify...With the MIDI Player - Modify Music app, you can
Theme Song Trivia
Koingo Software, Inc.
With Theme Song Trivia, you can turn any gathering with friends into a wild and crazy...
customizing hints. Theme Song Trivia also interacts...contributions. For some songs
ITunes Current Song Menu
AlphaOmega Software
iTunes Current Song Menu allows you to display the song currently played by iTunes...
you to display the song currently played...of lyrics) of the song currently played
JS-8 Song List Editor
free rating
Roland Corporation
Song List Editor Version 1.00 for eBand JS-8 for Mac OS X This software is the Song List Editor for the BOSS eBand JS...
X This software is the Song...the following things. Rip songs from a music CD
Cover Band Tracks
free rating
XME Inc.
Cover Band Tracks lets you take your music performances to another level...
can modify the speed of the song. You can add songs
Song Surgeon
Todd, Michael and James Inc
It slows down music.
to slow the music/song down!...comfortable. Features: Slow Down/Speed Up Tempo (5-400%) Change
Kids Song Machine + 10 songs
Genera Interactive
The best gift for your children: KIDS SONG MACHINE! A fun musical application, that is both stimulating...
for your children: KIDS SONG MACHINE! A fun musical application
Song Announcer
mdlrsoft 2011
Do you want to hear what song is playing ? Who is the artist ? See out youtube video here...
DJ announcing the next song. ✓...of each song in a playlist ✓ Display artist, song
Pitch Switch
Inspyder Software Inc.
Pitch Switch is an app that allows you to change the speed and key of any song...
vary the speed of your songs without changing...you can save your modified song for your iPod, MP3
Song Surgeon Trainer
free rating
Todd, Michael & James
Song Surgeon Trainer functions as a song player that allows you to open an audio file and make changes in key...
the tempo of a song down ...segment for repeated playback. Song Surgeon
MPV's Music Theory 104 - Song Form
NonLinear Educating Inc.
Understanding song form is essential to songwriting. Learn all how to enhance the power of your songs...
of Song Form 2. AAA Song Form 3. The Refrain 4. AABA Song
Song Scope
Wildlife Acoustics
This application is designed to review recordings made by Song Meter or other conventional...
recordings made by Song...bioacoustic recording equipment. Song Scope features a Spectrogram
Whispered Secrets - Song of Sorrow CE
rating GrandMA Studios
Whispered Secrets - Song of Sorrow CE is a hidden-object puzzle adventure game with sirens...
Whispered Secrets - Song of Sorrow CE...influence of a mystical force's song. You need to uncover
Whispered Secrets - Song of Sorrow
rating GrandMA Studios
Whispered Secrets: Song of Sorrow is an exhilarating hidden-object puzzle adventure game about uncovering...
Whispered Secrets: Song...influence of a mystical force's song