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With Theme Song Trivia, you can turn any gathering with friends into a wild and crazy pop-culture challenge!
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Theme Song Trivia is a customizable trivia game for Mac. In this game two or more teams take turns to guess the theme song being played. The team that gives the right answer gets some points. The team who has more points when a round ends is the winner. Each round can contain multiple theme songs.

This application doesn't come with any theme songs. You have to create your own Trivia Sets. However, the app provides a link to a website, which hosts tens of thousands of movies, TV series, and game theme songs. You need to download those separately and then add them to the game. For each song that you add you can provide the name, three hints and add some notes. Once you are done creating your sets, you can start playing them.

To start playing, you need to type the names of the teams taking part in the game and select which set you want to use. Then, the game will play the songs and display a timer. When the team who is on think that they have the answer the can click on the "Award" button and type in the solution. I found that even when not typing the name exactly as it was added to the Trivia Sets, the app did a good job of selecting correct and wrong answers.

In conclusion, Theme Song Trivia is a nice game to play with friends who enjoy TV shows, movies and games. It would be great if the app came with Trivia Sets, because the task of creating your own ones is very time-consuming.

JF Senior editor
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  • Fun to play with friends
  • You can make your own trivia games


  • Making your own trivia games is time consuming, a few sample trivia sets wouldn't hurt
  • The in-game controls could use some instructions, at least the first time you play


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