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Understanding song form is essential to songwriting.
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Understanding song form is essential to songwriting. Learn all how to enhance the power of your songs with macProVideo's music theory expert, Gregg Fine...
Think about it: You can't design a successful building without understanding architecture. So, it makes sense that if you trying to write a hit song, you've got to understand the basics of song form. In this 4th in a series of Music Theory tutorials by macProVideo's expert theorist, Gregg Fine, you'll learn how absolutely necessary the knowledge of song form is to writing great songs and the songwriting process.
You see, there is more to songwriting than simply inspiration. It's an art that has been developed and refined for thousands of years. And, like any kind of art, there are tools and techniques you can employ to refine the artistic results. In this tutorial you'll explore all the major pop/rock and R&B song forms including AAA, AABA and the Verse-Chorus formats. You see how the different forms function. You'll understand how some forms are best for different kinds of storytelling. You'll also learn about the anatomy of a song, and how different sections are designed to the elevate the listener's experience and enhance to power of your song's emotional impact.
Why are some songs so incredibly memorable? It's all about "Hooks." Gregg shows you how to write Hooks, where to put them and how to make them stick! So, if you're looking to take your songwriting tot the next level check out this tutorial and all of the incredible tutorials by Gregg Fine in's Music Theory collection.
Table of contents:
1. The Language of Song Form
2. AAA Song Form
3. The Refrain
4. AABA Song Form - Part 1
5. AABA Song Form - Part 2
6. Verse-chorus Song Form
7. The Bridge
8. Intro's - Part 1
9. Intro's - Part 2
10. The Pre-chorus
11. Outros
12. Traditional 12-Bar Blues
13. Jazz 12-Bar Blues
14. Rhythm Changes
15. Notation: Lead Sheets
16. Notation: Navigation - Part 1
17. Notation: Navigation - Part 2
18. Riffs
19. Vamps

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