4 Elements II

4 Elements II 1.0

A puzzle game where the usual objective is to clear a path for a flowing liquid.
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4 Elements II is a puzzle game where the usual objective is to clear a path for a flowing liquid. This requires destroying the intervening material through matches of three or more tokens, and sometimes also requires the solution of tube rotation, block sliding, or other situated puzzles.

The structure of the game is highly similar to the original 4 Elements. In order to achieve the overarching objective, that is, in order to once again restore order to the magical realm, the player must solve one hidden object puzzle, four spot-the-difference or rearrangement puzzles, and sixteen of the the aforementioned match-three puzzles for each of four elemental fairies.

And yet, despite all the similarities, the game is very evidently an improvement over its predecessor. The graphics and music have real character to them, challenges and achievements up the ante for competitive players, and, perhaps most importantly, the puzzles achieve a level of depth that makes the game enjoyable for an audience beyond the schoolgirl demographic. It's still undoubtedly a casual game, but it's a top-tier one just as surely.

Sam's Protip: Strike a balance between matching to clear the path and matching to charge power-ups, and you'll have no problem beating the time limit.

Sam Lloyd
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  • Very kid-friendly
  • Epic soundtrack
  • Lively characters and fast-moving gameplay


  • More mature players may find gameplay simplistic after a time
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