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3D Asteroids 1.4

3D Asteroids is a complex game in which you command a spaceship.
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3D Asteroids is a complex game in which you command a spaceship and the objective is to destroy as many asteroids as you can before they crash against you. You will have a certain amount of lives and when you run out of them the game is over. The spaceship is a little bit difficult to command, so you will have to pass a series of tutorials before being able to start playing. That is quite annoying, but I assure you that it is completely necessary to play. The tutorial will teach you how to move, accelerate and brake the ship, rotate it around its axis, and many other things.

To destroy the asteroids, you will have to pay attention to the red cross and when an asteroid is targeted, you must shoot at it. Fortunately, the controls can be completely customized to your liking and the game can be played in multiple screen resolutions, even in full screen. The game features simple graphics and sounds, and suitable music. Sadly, it only includes one mode.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a complex space game to pass the time, 3D Asteroids may be a good choice.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Realistic
  • Challenging
  • Free


  • Simple graphics and sounds
  • Only one mode
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