2048Plus is an addictive puzzle game designed for Mac.

2048Plus is one of the many spinoffs of the popular 2048 puzzle game. One thing that makes this app different from others is the fact that it lets you choose between two types of grids: 4x4 and 5x5, the latter making it easier for the player to obtain the 2048 tile.

The game's rules are the same as the ones you have in the original 2048 app: merge tiles until to obtain the 2048 number. Each block has a number (powers of 2 from 1) and once two identical tiles collide, they merge into a single cell showing the correspondent sum.

I tested both game modes. Personally, I prefer playing the 4x4 grid style as it's a bit more challenging to get the 2048 tile.

The only bad thing I have to say about this puzzle game is the fact that it comes with an annoying limitation. You can play three rounds and then you need to wait an hour to start a new game. The only way to get rid of this "life" limitation is to make an in-app purchase which doesn't cost much and is worthy if you enjoy playing the game.

So, I think you should give this puzzle game a try, see how it runs, and then decide if it's worth making the aforementioned in-app purchase.

Ashley Griggs
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Review summary


  • Intuitive interface
  • Lets you disable sound effects if necessary
  • You can choose between 2 game modes
  • Automatically saves your progress
  • Keeps track of your highest score


  • You need to make an in-app purchase in order to get rid of the banning time limitation
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