Nike+ Connect

Nike+ Connect

Nike+ - allows your Nike+ device and to communicate to each other
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Nike Connect allows allows your Nike device and to communicate to each other through your computer.
When you connect your Nike device to any computer with the Nike Connect software installed, any workout information stored on your device is uploaded through Nike Connect to your Nike profile. will also send any firmware updates to your device through Nike Connect.

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  • Question: Trying to download the application for the Nike Plus Sportband. What does this software do?

    The Nike+ Connect is an application that gathers the data from compatible Nike+ devices (Nike+ FuelBand, Nike+ FuelBand SE, Nike+ SportWatch GPS, Nike+ SportBand and Nike+ Sport Sensors) and uploads it to the Nike account (online servers). This data is required to analyze the your statistics and improvement upon wearing the SportsBand while practicing a sport. You can download the application from the official website.

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