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iBooks Author helps you create your own cookbooks, textbooks, and much more
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In my experience, it's not easy to find efficient eBook creating tools, especially if you're looking for an affordable solution. iBooks Author developed by Apple Inc. is a program that makes an exception by providing you with a comprehensive amount of book creating utilities and high-quality output without paying any money to use it.

Its simple and interactive interface can easily be handled by any user who wishes to create a school project, write a cookbook or a business brochure. The built-in utilities lets you select the exact text style you require, create tables and charts, attach geometrical shapes, personal images, 3D objects, and much more.

Also, the program offers you a complete list of beautiful Apple-designed templates and a wide range of page layouts; no matter the type of book you intend to create (textbook, cookbook, brochure, etc.), you will surely find a proper one in the templates list.

After you finish putting all things together - text, images, charts - you can export the document to the output format you require (PDF, format for iBooks or TXT) and publish it to the iBookStore for other users to check your masterpiece.

The way I see it, iBooks Author is an excellent program for publishing books. This effective application brings you all the tools you need in order to create your book from scratch and add a personal touch to its design. And the fact that you don't have to pay to use it makes this program even a better choice for creating books.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Simple and interactive interface.
  • Offers you a wide range of eBook creation tools.
  • You can export the results to various output formats.
  • Lets you password-protect the created books


  • Couldn't find any disadvantages
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