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Free Accesses the data in CSV files properly, regardless of the specifications used.
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Table Tool is intended to access the contents of CSV files without the problems that commonly arise when different specifications are used. CSV is a very popular, and almost universally supported, table storing format. However, it is a shame that there is not a unique convention as to the record delimiters, character encodings, decimal separators and quoting styles, which quite often result in your tables getting distorted when you import them to different applications. Luckily, Table Tools can automatically identify the specifications used in a CSV file so that you can access its contents without difficulty.

However, Table Tool is useful not only for visualizing the tables contained in CSV files. It can also be used create new files, edit their contents and convert them to other tabular formats. In this respect, the application is not difficult to use at all. For instance, you do not need to do anything when opening an existing CSV file as the tool can detect the format used by whatever other application that created the file. Besides, file contents are shown in a grid, from which you can alter the data stored in any particular cell. Finally, you can use the Save As command to convert the current file to other specifications, by changing the encoding type, the separators, the decimal symbol and the quotes. Fortunately, it is a just a matter of selecting the desired symbol so there is no chance you enter one that is not supported. more

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  • Automatic detection of the specifications used
  • No distortion of the original tables
  • Allows editing table contents
  • Allows converting CSV files to other specifications


  • Limited range of supported formats


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