Zombies Ate My Friends

Zombies Ate My Friends 1.0

Eliminate zombies from your path and help other survivors.
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Zombies Ate My Friends is a game where you play as an apocalypse survivor. Your objectives are to eliminate the zombies from your path and to rescue other survivors.
The game brings you nice graphics and animations, has sound effects and background music that go perfectly with the combats and provides you with various ways to customize the appearance of your character. You can play the game only in fullscreen mode and you cannot access other Mac programs while Zombies Ate My Friends is opened.

You have access to several episodes which consist of multiple missions. As you level up, you unlock new types of weapons and collect extra coins which can be used for purchasing useful items. What's more, the program gives you access to many gameplay instructions, a feature which comes in handy to people who are new to this type of games.

However, there were a couple of things I don't like about the game. For starters, the program might take a while to launch. Furthermore, it lacks an option to save your gameplay progress whenever you like. To be more exact, if you're in the middle of an episode and quit the game, your progress is lost and you need to start again from the beginning of the episode in question. Still, your level and inventory are left intact.

All in all, Zombies Ate My Friends is a fun and addictive action game. It offers you many challenges and looks great. It's worth giving it a try if the aforementioned flaws don't mean anything to you.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Nice graphics and animations
  • Provides you with plenty of gameplay instructions
  • Offers you various types of rewards


  • It might take a while to launch the game
  • Doesn't let you save game progress whenever you like
  • You can play only in fullscreen mode
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