Snowy: The Bear's Adventures

Snowy: The Bear's Adventures is a platform game in which you are a polar bear.
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Snowy: The Bear's Adventures is an enjoyable platform game in which you are a polar bear exploring a strange world full of creatures that will try to kill you. If a monster touches you, you will instantly lose a life. To defend yourself, you need to throw snowballs at the monsters until they become big snowballs, so you can kick them away. In every level, you need to kill all the monsters in order to advance to the next level. All the levels are timed, and if it takes you too much time to complete a level, a ghost will appear to remind you of speeding up.

There are lots of bonuses that you can collect as you play, and they help you finish the levels faster. Moreover, the game includes three difficulty levels: Kids mode, Normal game, and Hard game. The game can be controlled using the keyboard or a joystick, but in both cases, they are very simple. Sadly, the game offers simple graphics and sounds, and the music, although suitable, may get a bit annoying after some time.

Thus, Snowy: The Bear's Adventures is a simple game to spend some free time.

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  • Enjoyable
  • Lots of bonuses
  • Three modes


  • Simple graphics and sounds
  • Annoying music



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