Zombie Ops 3D Shooter 1.1

Free Become the ultimate shooter and protect all of humanity.
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Zombie Ops 3D Shooter lets you become the ultimate shooter and protect all of humanity. The Apocalypse, World War III ended two years ago. After the war society was at the brink of anarchy. Crippled by modern warfare, humanity was unable to stop the zombie outbreak caused by some of the most devilish chemical weaponry ever created.

You escaped and now you are in charge of protecting one of the last human settlements in the wasteland of Alaska. Your task is to patrol the outposts, report any incoming zombie attacks and execute a counterstrike if necessary. Since resources are spread thin these days you will have to be imaginative and unwavering in your stand against the hordes of walking dead revenants. Death will be upon us and all humans will pay in blood if you fail.

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