Zeus Terminal Lite 3.1

Perform system administration and monitoring tasks.
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Emulate working environments of computer terminals for remote and local administration. Enable and customize animated backgrounds for visualization, access the system settings and control the display and handling of elements on the screen. Assign quick access keys to work with programs.

Zeus - The Ultimate Terminal
A real Swiss Army Knife in administrator and programmer’s world.
A stylish terminal emulator with animated background that slides from the top of your screen.
It's always at your fingertips and can be activated with a single key press from within any application.
The best utility for all advanced OS X hackers and best user experience.
Allowing deep system and performance tuning: Geek Mode allows you to unleash all hidden OS X commands, system tweaks and performance tuning.
Memory Cleaning Tools allows you to free more memory for your needs.
All hidden settings are available in Geek-Mode.
+ Modern terminal emulators: xterm, rxvt, ANSI, vt* supported
+ Huge scroll buffer
+ Unicode is supported
+ zsh shell integrated (with advanced configuration)
+ Flexible Sliding Mode
+ Fullscreen support
+ Fortunes (including Russian and Ukraininan) and ASCII art
+ Customizable Global Hotkeys (activate Zeus from within any application)
+ Font antialiasing
+ Terminus is a default font
+ Sticking windows to edges is supported
+ Spaces is supported
+ Different encodings are supported
+ Animated background
+ Mouse support
+ Mouse copy/paste
+ Third mouse button supported
+ Customizable Tabs

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