Free A platformer starring a man on a search for a lost piece of bling.
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Zegeta Video Game HD is a perfect example of the ludic atrocities that can be committed when game creation software is put into the wrong hands. It's a platformer starring a comically proportioned man on a search for a lost piece of bling, collecting coins along the way. There is lots of inertia to his movement, which, combined with a uniform running animation, makes it look as if the floor must be covered with ice. This visual inconsistency would not be such a big deal but when you combine it with other factors in the game it makes the difficulty level ludicrous. Spikes kill you instantly if you so much as look at them the wrong way (no actual collision required) and checkpoints are apparently something that the developers couldn't bother plopping into GameSalad. Music consists of a moderately irritating looping brass tune. It's free, so you waste nothing with the download. Except your time. And your sanity if for some reason you become intent on completing it.

Sam's Protip: Jumping off the sides of platforms to get onto them is not only possible, it's required to get past the first floor. I really wish the developers had just used colored boxes for sprites to make their boundaries clearer and their animation less stupid-looking.

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Sam Lloyd
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  • Free
  • Playable
  • Big update" supposedly on the way


  • No checkpoints
  • Poor unit collision
  • Not fun to play



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