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Provides you with a more secure Internet connection though a VPN.

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SaferVPN is intended to provide you with a more secure connection to the Internet by creating a virtual private network. The client application is extremely easy to use. In fact, you can start navigating the web securely with a click of your mouse. Unlike other similar tools, it does not require a previous complex configuration. You can even let the client choose a location automatically.

Today, it is difficult to pick a VPN service as most of them are quite similar. In this respect, most people ponder the number of servers, the geographical regions covered as well as other factors as their security, speed and price.

SaferVPN has an ample network of servers widely distributed around the world. This allows unblocking sites that are restricted to your geographical region. As to this, SaferVPN can even bypass Netflix´s restrictions. Although it supports high-speed transfers, not all servers offer the same speed and a few of them may provide a considerably slower connection. Moreover, the tool can be configured to use any of the supported protocols, IKEv2, OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP, and luckily, you can even read an explanation on when to use each of them. Finally, it is good to hear that downloading torrents is also supported, yet not all of their servers allow it.

SaferVPN claims no logs of your activities are kept. However, they use very loose terms to define what they mean by activity. In this respect, there is the possibility of your browsing data be handed to third parties if you allegedly infringe their use conditions.

All in all, SaferVPN is just another option among so many others if you intend to browse the Internet more freely and securely. The services have a reasonable price. In this respect, there are three types of licenses: Basic, Premium and Small Enterprise, which are different only in the number of supported devices. Fortunately, they also allow a free trial.

Pedro Castro
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  • Kill switch
  • Ample server network
  • Various VPN protocols


  • Some servers are slower
  • Downloading torrents is not supported by all servers
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